Index Updates

October 2021


And now, for some color...

It all looked a bit dull, brought some color and some ANSI art. In the background there's been some big changes, but as end-user you won't notice much. You won't find those generated CSS classes that clutter everything up; all clutter you find is my own fault now :^). I hope the ANSI art displays properly.


Bringing some order

The site now uses semantic HTML (I actually used headings this time). Fonts are updated to .woff2, shrinking their size by up to 400%. links/ now fits with the theme of the rest of the site. Looks a bit dull though.

I use Astro as the static site generator. It works great, but it creates horrible 'astro' CSS classes for everything styled. I chose Astro for its versatility in the generation, you're not (as) locked into a specific scheme, website type or feature set like the others I've come across. It does clutter your CSS classes however, and I like my HTML/CSS readable by myself and others. If anyone happens to know a different SSG that would suit me, I'd love to hear it. I don't really have anything set up at the moment for contacting me besides my Neocities account wall. You can send me your suggestion there if you'd like. I'm still evaluating my options on how to let people contact me :^).


Added updates/ (hi) and finds/

My website missed a little place to actually write some stuff!

I'm trying to figure out how I want to separate the different links I find. I want to use links/ for things that I might need on a daily basis and finds/ for interesting things I have found that are worth keeping around. In the future I'll most likely make special domain pages for software and personal websites. Those are now on links/ since they're worth checking out, perhaps not daily, but they're not as disposable.